About Us Our goal.

How We Started.

In March 2013, 10 Harvard Westlake sophomores and 3 students from Santa Barbara went to Laos for an investigative journalism trip. In association with Friendships Tours World founder Alethea Paradis, Harvard Westlake Visual Arts Department Chair Cheri Gaulke, and Emmy Award winning news journalist Jeff MacIntyre, we set off to document the lives of the Laotian people who were and still are being affected by the repercussions of the Secret War.

Say No To UneXploded Ordinance.

Say No To UXO is an organization based in Los Angeles founded by the Harvard Westlake students. Working within the school community and beyond, our mission is to spread awareness about the history of the Secret War bombings in Laos and to garner support funds to help improve the lives of numerous cluster bomb victims.

Say No To UXO is on Facebook!  Visit http://www.facebook.com/sayno2uxo to check out our club page.  Like us and spread the word!